Art Licensing - art for your next product line

Mark's artwork is evocative, provocative, and connects with people on a deeper level.

We are looking for licensees who create quality products and are committed to building a long-term, win-win relationship for the benefit of both companies.

We feel our brand would work well on craft brewery labels, stationary and calendars, album and book covers, and clothing lines but we are open to all inquiries.

Our Consumers

Mindmelt Studios art appeals to women (56%) and men (44%) between the ages of 25 and 45, primarily in the United States and Canada however we do have a worldwide audience. 


Like Mark, his consumer base leads a casual lifestyle and likes products that reflect their personal preferences. They love good food, friends and family, and enjoy the arts. They purchase to make a statement – about who they are, how they see the world and how they want others to see them. They choose products for the design: the colors, words and images that “feel like them”.


Let's work together!

If you are a manufacturer, retailer, or musician looking for high quality art for your next product introduction, please use the form below.

Licensing Info

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