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Mindmelt Studio Guardian Sprite
Canadian Artist Mark S Gagne with his ink creatures

Mark S. Gagne

Mindmelt Studio

Cute and creepy art for your walls

Artist Statement

For several years art was merely an outlet of creation. I would get an idea and put it on canvas or paper. As I’ve matured as an artist, I’ve come to realize that my work is a reflection of my own mental health. Like many, I battle with depression and anxiety daily, and it filters into my imagery. Weird, surreal monsters become relatable by way of facial mannerisms and body language. These beings are strange but also familiar in a personal way.


My newest body of work is a marriage of my favourite mediums: Photography and Pen & Ink illustration. The dark creatures in these images once roamed the Earth before man, as protectors and nurturers of the natural world. They have awakened from their long slumber, confused and angry about the state of the world and how we treat it on a daily basis. They want to reclaim the land that was once theirs. There's a melancholy power yet playfulness to them, and I can relate to them through my own anxiety and sadness about how humans are destroying the planet.

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