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Mindmelt Studio Guardian Sprite
Mark S. Gagne of Mindmelt Studio in front of an abandoned green house

Mark S. Gagne

Canadian Maker of Cute and Creepy Monsters

"My Mental Health is a work in progress. It's a piece of artwork that's never going to be finished."

News and Updates

Okay, but really.... are you a member yet?

Our old memberships are getting sent to the shredder and creepy coupons will be folded in to the new memberships. Monthly coupons... exclusive "from the vault" pieces... more digital downloads... what are you waiting for?

New Look!

We've upgraded again! New look, new features, and hopefully a better experience for you. Unfortunately, we are not tech savvy enough to move the old memberships and creepy coupon subscribers to the new site, so you will need to sign up again. Sorry!

Are you a member yet?

Membership has it's privileges. All members now have access to a special Members Exclusive Shop! You can find it under the Buy Stuff menu option. This exclusive shop will feature art that is not available to the general public, exclusive limited editions, and extra special sales. Sign up now!

Make It Bigger!

Your continued support has allowed us to make an extremely big purchase! With our new large format printer, we are so happy to be able to offer stunning giclée print sizes up to 24" x 36". 

Shipping Times

Due to the ongoing pandemic and the strain it has caused on global postal outlets, we cannot guarantee shipping times. It may take up to two months for packages to arrive. We thank you for your continued patience. We highly recommend the tracked shipping option.

Doodle Sprites

Each Wednesday, a new $5 digital download sprite will be available for purchase. Collect Them all!

His Life Was a Mess inked photograph by Mindmelt Studio hanging on a livingroom wall
Try as They Might the Windows were Sealed Tight inked photography by Mindmelt Studio

How You Doin'?

We all go through stuff sometimes and need someone to talk to. If you are having a mental health crisis, please reach out to one of the resources we have listed.

Mindmelt Studio

Cute and Creepy Wall Decor

Creepy creatures from Mindmelt Studio playing on a bed in a pink bedroom
Guardian Sprite and Fox illustration by Mindmelt Studio hanging on a livingroom wall
The Guardians at Dusk by Mindmelt Studio hanging on a livingroom wall
A Winter Visit illustration by Mark S. Gagne of Mindmelt Studio hanging in a nursery